Promotional video for Creative Entrepreneurship

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Screenshot_1Promotional video made by participants during the session for “Creating our contribution – Working on promotional materials for dissemination”. Read the rest of this entry »


#CETCreativeEntrepreneurship photoshot

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imgp7103Hardworking and productive days deserve some fun at the end of the day!

That’s why we have made a photo shoot to relax ourselves, but in the same time to promote the project in a creative way by sharing our photos on our organisation’s social media pages and on our own social media profiles. Read the rest of this entry »

Creating our contribution – Working on promotional materials for dissemination

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IMGP7117The second morning session of today was focused on creating some outcomes in form of promotional materials about our training. We were trying to create dissemination materials that can show our contribution after this training to the others from our organisations, local communities and even beyond on European level. We got three options to pick from. We could have made newspaper article, promotional leaflet or video and according to personal preferences everybody picked their group.

People in every group were trying to create interesting project that would Read the rest of this entry »

Visit and presentation by young entrepreneur from Djakovo

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IMGP7086On the first session of the day, our great photographer, participant, but also young entrepreneur, Vladimir had the best presentation ever. He was telling us about his own new business that he established in Djakovo this year.

Vladimir took initiative and took advantage of European funding programme run through the Croatian government intended for unemployed young people that helps them to start their own business. He also told us about all the requirements and conditions that he had to Read the rest of this entry »

Introduction and working on business plans

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IMGP7029I think that for many of us it was a very exciting day, because we put in practice our business ideas for the local community, based on what we learned yesterday. We had three creative groups and the ideas wore a start-up incubator for Djakovo and surroundings, an Escape Room, a PUFFeteria for smokers and indirectly for non-smokers and Spakovo, that it also means bird and in this project it is a spa for the local community.

We worked continually from the morning till after lunch and Read the rest of this entry »

Presenting business ideas and second intercultural evening

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IMGP6880At the end of the day we were presenting briefly the business ideas that were brainstorming, researching and working on during the day. After all of the groups presented their’s business ideas, Michal gave us feedback about them that we will use tomorrow when we will work on concrete business plans.

Michal summarized the day and explained to us the Key Competences of the Youthpass and provided us with some information about how we can use it as a tool for self-assessment of our non-formal and informal learning. We understood that the Read the rest of this entry »

Brainstorming and developing business ideas

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IMGP6958The 4th day of “Creative Entrepreneurship” Training course was about the life cycle of a business, focused mostly on the first step of it – the IDEA.

Before starting any business plan, we need to understand the importance of creating and developing the idea that is behind every successful business.

We were divided into 4 groups and each of us had the task to come up with a business idea in local context that would somehow develop the city of Djakovo. Moreover, we had to Read the rest of this entry »

Introduction to business development process

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IMGP6841Monday,  on our 4th day of the Training course, the trainer introduced to us the main steps we have to consider before starting to develop a business by presenting a long, but interesting and educational power point presentation.

The first part of this presentation pointed out the business life cycle that exists in every business (idea- business plan-funding/organising-developing product/service-marketing-business as usual).  I learned that the most important part of a business is the Read the rest of this entry »

[Video] Summarizing day 2 and first intercultural evening

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IMGP6757To summarize the second day of our Training course, the participant from Lithuania made a interactive video that explain what was happening during the day, how the session were going and what were the learning outcomes of it.

In the video you can also find video footage of the first intercultural evening during which Lithuania, Italy, Romania and Greece presented their countries, histories, cultures, traditions, dances, food and drinks in creative and interactive way.

Take a look at the video and Read the rest of this entry »

Creating “perfect” youth workers for working with unemployed youth and youth entrepreneurship

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IMGP6733As usual we started the session with an energizer. One of the group members suggested  really funny  one with rabbits  and houses which energized us for around 15 minutes. After the game our trainer asked main questions why people do not use opportunities that European Union is offering for young unemployed people.

By answering these questions, we concluded that people who work with unemployed people have to be very motivated, to provide knowledge, have specific values and attitudes as well as skills to work with young people within their communities in order to bring these EU programmes closer to Read the rest of this entry »